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since 2011

Far from formal, but sophistication usually found only within Strip casinos.

who we are

Fans of Chinese beef-noodle soup and Japanese ramen find a happy common ground at Niu-Gu Noodle House. The specialty dish is ramen that uses a Chinese-beef broth instead of pork and is served with all the traditional add-ins, including bean sprouts and fresh green onions. Original, miso, and lemon-pepper broths are also available, as are heartier plates of Asian fare such as Angus-beef short ribs, fried rice, or stir-fried pork with veggies.

why choose us

Niu-Gu, pronounced NEE-you- Goo, the name means “beef bone” and is a reference to the stock used in noodle soups. "Niu-Gu is an experiment of sorts. In the few months it has been open, it has gone from a simple noodle parlor, with a limited menu of Chinese soups and starches, to a full service restaurant serving everything from the formal farm-to-cup Chinese tea service to the best, freshest friggin’ fish we’ve ever had in Chinatown." - John Curtas

Our Core Values

A Commitment to Food Memories

Work toward achieving greatness, but maintain humility.
Use our best judgement; perform our supervisors, our industry and our guests.
Show respect for our peers, our supervisors, our industry and our guests.
Maintain our standards of quality moment to moment, day to day and year after year.